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                                                             CBX offers a suite of services to meet the needs of Corporate, Federal, State and Local Government Agencies
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Video Conferencing

​CBX video conferencing and collaboration solutions can help you become more agile. Compete more successfully. Make better decisions faster. Bring teams together more cost-effectively and help your talent become more efficient.

What can be more necessary than communications?  
Contemporary business realities such as globalization, worldwide competition, and the need for business continuity in a world of disruptions call for leaps in productivity and efficiency. Challenges like these demand solutions that make the most of operating budgets and maximize returns on investment. 

Your top-line growth, growth that must be sustainable over time, is achieved by delivering differentiated and innovative products and services. To address these challenges, organizations are cutting costs through off-shoring, strategic partnering, and policies that address global business and lifestyle realities, such as working remotely. Resultantly these approaches have inserted distance into the workplace. A challenge that until recently hindered people from meeting together quickly, easily and cost effectively. But not anymore.

Economically speaking, almost better than being there… 
Video conferencing has removed the problem of distance in the workplace and offers organizations the opportunity to use information to create true competitive advantage by delivering a meeting experience that is as close to actually being present in a face-to-face meeting.  

CBX offers ground-breaking technologies that uniquely combine voice, video, and content. Video conferencing empowers your teams to meet, share information immediately and make smarter decisions more quickly. How? By removing distance barriers throughout your organization. Regardless of where your people are located and no matter what the capabilities of their working environments. What's more, our solutions are easy to deploy and easy to use—so your teams will readily adopt them.

Give us a call today to discuss how your organization can leverage the simplicity, freedom and efficiencies of video conferencing.  

Video Conference