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Managed Services

24x7 continuous monitoring of your servers, desktops, and networking devices

Automatic alerts to our IT support team when a problem is detected

Experienced, certified engineers that can manage all aspects of your network

Dedicated IT Purchaser for hardware / software quotes, inventory and renewal tracking

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                                                              CBX offers a suite of services to meet the needs of Corporate, Federal, State and Local Government Agencies
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Managed Services

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Organizations today depend on their IT infrastructure to conduct their business. When infrastructure is down, the business suffers and so do clients, suppliers and/or partners. Traditional support models take time to diagnose. Then someone has to call for help and wait for resolution which may take HOURS and sometimes days.

CBX addresses these challenges with our suite of managed service offerings. We offer 24 x7 monitoring of your entire networked enterprise, identifying potential failures before they happen. If there is a failure, our monitoring pinpoints the problem, provides diagnosis and allows our expert technicians to solve the issue remotely for you. Plus, we offer unlimited, domestic live agent helpdesk support round the clock. 

For those times when you need an onsite technician, we’ve got you covered there too. With a pool of certified technicians from coast-to-coast, we can have you back in business in no time. 

CBX is an IT/Professional Services company that provides Managed Services covering the client's IT infrastructure (hardware, software, networks, etc.) regardless of size or the use of blended vendor equipment. Our Managed Services are offered as a service for our clients with a guaranteed service level agreement at a fixed price per month. These Services are managed and delivered by CBX alleviating the IT management overhead of our clients.

There are three program levels offered by CBX. Each program is contracted and priced based on the needs and SLAs with our clients. These service programs are:

  •  Level 1 - Remote Monitoring & Reporting-proactively managing the client's IT infrastructure
  •  Level 2 - Adds client access to the CBX Help Desk to handle IT problems remotely on top of Level 1 SLA 
  •  Level 3 - Adds Onsite Support on top of Level 2 SLA